“Jajoo Warngarra - it means ‘gather around and learn from the elders’, that’s what it means, it’s passing the knowledge.”

Annie Nayina Milgin
Nyikina Senior Cultural Custodian generously gifted
the name to this project


"Come and learn through our songlines and our Country."

Peter Murrkiltja Guyula - Liya Dhälinymirr


"We've made this book so students and teachers can learn about our culture."

Ivan Johnson - Barkandji Elder

First Nations-led education bringing together a nation.

Why the Culture Classroom?

A revolutionary platform to support educators embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures as part of the Australian Curriculum

Created with and approved by First Nations communities who share their cultural knowledges.

Education Resources that equip educators with cultural understanding to deliver lessons.

New and Featured

Year levels: 5 4 lessons
Students investigate various light phenomena including the Min Min Lights, the Northern Lights, lightning, rainbows and mirages. They explore First Nations perspectives which have come to explain or give insight regarding the phenomena and create their own hypothesis.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
Year levels: 9 4 lessons
Students explore the historical impact of colonial regimes, including the Native Police Force. They critically examine the enduring effects of past policies and laws on contemporary social and cultural contexts and its relevance to present-day issues.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
Year levels: 9 5 lessons
Students explore life on the cattle stations and the industries which shaped Australian Society. They investigate the racist laws and policies which saw the opppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pastoral workers had on building Australia’s economic growth

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Still Standing, Still Strong

Two days of reflection after the outcomes of The Voice Referendum and there is still a level of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, a sense of disbelief that so many Australians seem concerned not for the needs and welfare of others, but what they fear they will personally lose.
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Jajoo Warrngara is a social enterprise


of revenue from subscriptions will return to communities who have co-developed these resources.


will return to not-for-profit SharingStories Foundation to continue work with communities.


Here is what they said


“It is full of excellent teaching material and very useful for planning”

Dr. Tony Keeble
Principal at Outdoor School
(Government School in Victoria)


"The platform's multimedia and varying approaches are superb. The scope for curriculum and lesson planning is invaluable and unique. Community-ownership and direction, diversity are all foundational to this project's success and I love it all."

Vaso Elefsiniotis


"I loved it! The way that it is set out will support teachers to deliver the content. Including the cultural protocols is important and essential."

Education Professional

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