How are you creating inclusive learning experiences for First Nations students?

SharingStories recently completed a case study in collaboration with the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project and although we won’t divulge all the details here,…
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Fostering Culturally Safe Classrooms: A Teacher’s Guide to Navigating January 26th

In the aftermath of January 26 the country’s atmosphere remains charged. Following the onslaught of ignorant remarks, racist comments and ultra-nationalism saturating our online spaces,…
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5 Things you can do for your Community this January

Last year we provided a list of resources for people to access to educate themselves in our Moment of Truth campaign. We listed resources to…
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7 Ways Teachers can Foster Culturally Safe Classrooms

  Establish Inclusive Agreements: Create class agreements that safeguard against racism, harassment, and bullying. We have to support our students to define their own code…
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Still Standing, Still Strong

Two days of reflection after the outcomes of The Voice Referendum and there is still a level of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, a sense of disbelief that so many Australians seem concerned not for the needs and welfare of others, but what they fear they will personally lose.
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Are you an Ally?

Being an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, comes with responsibility, to our families, Elders, and our communities, not just during working hours but every day and all day.
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Interactive Discovery Maps – Tools and Technology

If information is power, then learning and education is the solution to disprove misinformation and reject reinforced stereotypes.
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Yolŋu Way

It is through this collaborative work with Custodians that the Sharing Stories education team are able to explore stories and co-create authentic educational resources that are reflective of true cultural practices and community voices.
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Moment of Truth Campaign

The Month of Truth Campaign encouraged students and their families to explore First Nations history and reflect on the  meaning of January 26 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.
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