Seasonal Indicators and the Environment

Students will engage with the story, Leave It There for the Next Little Fellas to understand how the Barkandji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa peoples of the Willandra Lakes sustainably hunt the emu through observation of seasonal indicators within their environment.  Student learning will draw knowledge from a variety of sources and enable students to connect with changes occurring in the sky and landscape. They will identify how these changes can be interpreted to ensure sustainability and care for the environment and all living things.

Cross Curriculum Priorities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

A_TSICP1 First Nations communities of Australia maintain a deep connection to, and responsibility for, Country/Place and have holistic values and belief systems that are connected to the land, sea, sky and waterways.

A_TSIC1 First Nations Australian societies are diverse and have distinct cultural expressions such as language, customs and beliefs. As First Nations Peoples of Australia, they have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their cultural expressions, while also maintaining the right to control, protect and develop culture as Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.

A_TSIC2 First Nations Australians’ ways of life reflect unique ways of being, knowing, thinking and doing.

SS2 Sustainable patterns of living require the responsible use of resources, maintenance of clean air, water and soils, and preservation or restoration of healthy environments.

Curriculum Links

AC9HS2K04 The interconnections of Australian First Nations Peoples to a local Country/Place.

AC9S2U01 Recognise Earth is a planet in the solar system and identify patterns in the changing position of the sun, moon, planets and stars in the sky.

AC9S2H01 Describe how people use science in their daily lives, including using patterns to make scientific predictions.

AC9S2I06 Write and create texts to communicate observations, findings and ideas, using everyday and scientific vocabulary.

AC9TDE2K04 Explore how food can be selected and prepared for healthy eating.

AC9E2LA09 Experiment with and begin to make conscious choices of vocabulary to suit the topic.

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