Woonyoomboo – The Night Heron film

Prep, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Arts, English, Geography, HASS, Mathematics, Sustainability

Woonyoomboo was a major Creation Ancestor for the Nyikina people. This story shows how and where Woonyoomboo lived and travelled and how he brought the Nyikina world into being. Woonyoomboo left language, law, ceremonies, dance, kin and skin relationships and vast libraries of knowledge for the Nyikina people in an epic Songline. Woonyoomboo also left botanical, ecological and cartographic knowledge that forms an intricate map of Nyikina Country and how to care for it.

The story of Woonyoomboo was passed from Darby Jayi-Kali Narngarin to his daughter Annie Nayina Milgin. He is Annie’s Karr-bina (cultural shield and protector of cultural knowledge) and Annie sits in the wa-ngan (family line handed down by her forefathers).



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