Tree Hugger Lesson 2

Following on from the last lesson, revisit the Wamba Wamba Multi-Touch Book and the Muyi Mir story.  Explore the Wamba Wamba Interactive Map on page…

Cool, Calm and Deadly Lesson 3

Facilitate a class discussion recapping the Poppy-May Woora Remind students of Poppy’s determination and resilience. Some guiding questions to support this conversation:- When Poppy-May jumped…

Cool, Calm and Deadly Lesson 2

Form a yarning circle to discuss the Boodama Bush artwork from the last lesson. Identify if there are any common colours/emotions in the leaves. What…

Cool, Calm and Deadly Lesson 1

Share the Multi-touch Book Poppy-May Woora with the class. Using the Map of Indigenous Australia | AIATSIS identify where Ghungalu Country is. Ask students to…

Wägilak weaving

Reanie Billy and Patricia Forbes show us the process of creating a ḏimbuka from start to finish.

Ghungalu Gumby Gumby

Ghungalu Elder Uncle Steve Kemp introduces us to the Gumby Gumby tree, a tree whose medicinal properties have been used for thousands of years.

Ghungalu Welcome

Ghungalu Elder Uncle Steve Kemp welcomes you to Ghungalu Country through a smoking ceremony.

Knowledge through Story

Overview Links to Resources Overview Overview This session deepens students’ understanding of Yurlu, the Kingfisher Man and enables them to become familiar with features of…



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