• 1 Focus Area

    Significance of Country

    This session deepens students’ understanding of Yurlu, the Kingfisher Man and enables them to become familiar with features of Adnyamathanha Country. They will use the interactive map to learn about each stage of his journey. They will compare features of their own Country with that of Adnyamathanha Country and create a ‘map’ of their own Country.

  • 1 Focus Area

    Forming Country

    Students will investigate the Western understanding of the formation of either Wilpena Pound (Ilkura) or Parachilna and Branchina Gorges and the geological explanation of the formation of coal. They will learn about Adnyamathanha’s explanation of the formation of Country and creation of coal and the different names given to features of Country and what they reflect.

  • 1 Focus Area

    Spirituality, Country and People

    In this lesson students reflect on their own understanding of spirituality and compare with others. Students will reflect on how Adnyamathanha spirituality is demonstrated in the story, Yurlu: The Kingfisher Man and how many features of the story play a spiritual role for the Adnyamathanha people. Students explore disruptions to traditional practices and ways of life and the effects these have on the Adnyamathanha people.



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