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Bummeria – Quandamooka Traditional Women’s Site

Year 6 Design and Technology, English, HASS, Science

Quandamooka Traditional Custodian Elisha Kissick introduces us to Bummiera and its significance to Quandamooka people, especially women. She introduces us to the wildlife and plants that inhabit the area.

Bummiera on Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island is a perched lake, tinted brown by the paperbark and native tea trees that line its shores. It is a traditional women’s site, and women would gather there to collect reeds and bush tucker. Quandamooka Traditional Custodian Elisha Kissick teaches us about the oodgeroo/paperbark tree and its healing properties, the koalas and what makes Minjerribah Koalas unique, and the stories she was told about the Rainbow Serpent in the depths of the lake.



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the content on this site may contain images and references to deceased persons.