SharingStories Foundation partners with First Nation communities to protect, maintain and grow languages, stories and cultural heritage. Our multi-touch books help capture and share these stories to ensure future generations and students can enjoy them for years to come.

Pitta Pitta

Pitta Pitta people are the Traditional Custodians of the lands in North-West Queensland. The Pitta Pitta people have continuously lived ...
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Ḻiya Dhälinymirr

Ḻiya Dhälinymirr clan is a part of Yolŋu Nation. We are from the Dhuwa moiety. Our homelands go from the ...
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Quandamooka Country spans Moreton Bay, inclusive of many islands and the eastern coast of the mainland between Juno Point (Mouth ...
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Ghungalu Country is located in Central Queensland. Uncle Steven Kemp and Milton Lawton have shared their knowledge of local Ghungalu ...
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The Bangerang people traditionally occupied the Murray/Goulburn region, inhabiting an area spanning from just south of Shepparton, across to Echuca ...
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The Wägilak are Yolŋu and everything in the Yolŋu ​ universe - people, plants, animals, water, stars belong to the ...
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Wamba Wamba

The Wamba Wamba people traditionally occupy both Victorian and New South Wales sides of the Murray River in the Murray ...
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Northern Flinders Ranges Country in South Australia belongs to the Adnyamathanha people. Adnyamathanha is our nation. Adnya is ‘rock’ and ...
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Barkandji Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa

The Three Traditional Tribal Groups, Barkandji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa all hold inherent creation stories which explain the origins and ...
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The cultural protocols including kinship and the warr-ngarr are important in the Nyikina community. The Nyikina term ‘warr-ngarr’ is the ...
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The cultural protocols including kinship are important in the Gija community. The Gija term ‘ninggoom’’ is the oldest apical ancestor, ...
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The Jaara Community would like educators to understand that on Jaara Country, the foundation of people is Country and from ...
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